Sometimes Tera Gold Fate as Special and Working against Them


Met many friends, there will always be people who will I mention gold and RS, as someone and I say that I love is death of a person, in fact, they did not know , was once, I also die anxiety both physical and mental, can still be quite gone now, there are some things that you have true through it, so you will see very deep, can also look very quiet home life, nothing Let us choose to die, not really, because we do not cowardice.

Love is for everyone at a certain age have to experience something that would survive, but we have the right attitude of love, do not try so hard not to feel, all to let nature take its course.

My greatest sorrow and despair, my aunt wrote me a letter, show me a lot, actually came out, a special thanks to Aunt to these concerns, and put the letter here for everyone to read, thanks.

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