Miscellaneous fighting skills in runescape gold


In the  Runescape Gold game RuneScape, there are 25 types of skills:

Attack: This technique can be used to improve weapons, and to improve close range physical attack by one feature, ie the game Screenshots (19), “attack” on a higher level of skill, physical attacks from a distance closer it is easier to hit the enemy.

Strength: To improve this technique can improve the strength of physical attacks at close range, in other words, the level of “power” skill is higher, the most damage at close range physical attack (stroke max) above.

Defense: This technique improves the wear more armor types to reduce the success rate of the enemy, but the “defense”, the higher the skill level, players are responsible for most of a great harm to value of the enemies will not decrease.

Remote: This technique can be improved by improving long-range physical attack power, accuracy, in other words, “Archery,” a skill level higher, long-range physical attacks are more likely to strike the enemy and cause serious Sell MapleStory Mesos injury.

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