Lions Gate's Mouth "Twilight" series will continue to be made


Yahoo Entertainment News Beijing January 16, according to U.S. media reports, recently, Lions Gate has been successful with $ 412 million and Summit Entertainment officially merged at the same time, Lions Gate has become a box office sales of youth Fantasy film "Twilight" series and "hunger of the game," the new owner. Today, the "Twilight" series ushered in the new owner of the first fire, that is, Lions Gate has just made 700 million box office take of "Twilight 4: Dawn on the" series continue to be made.

Originally thought that "Twilight 4: dawn the next" is Concluded global fans to hear this news will cheer up, Lions Gate is responsible for telling the world should "Twilight" beat down. Today, Lions Gate's CEO Joe - Fei Simo on the "Los Angeles Times" said: He is very interested in making this film more of a hit sequel.

Lions Gate plans to have this is not surprised that they can Xuerouhengfei "Saw" The seven-shot seems not finished, how they will be willing to give up just harvested $ 700 million at the box office of "Twilight City 4: Dawn "too!

Joe - Fei Simo description: "For me, it is difficult to imagine making more than $ 700 million film would not shoot down how the value of it? The series of works is very exciting, the first four films also looks very good." However, only four novels, as continue to be made is reflected in the new script or drama is still unknown.

'Twilight 4: dawn the next "scheduled landing on 16 November this year, North American theaters.

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